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A Love Transcending Time (A Full Story)





A Love Transcending Time

In the bustling streets of Lisha, where the rhythm of life pulses through the air, fate orchestrated an extraordinary meeting between two kindred souls. Kola, a young and talented artist, traversed the city streets with a sketchbook in hand, capturing the vibrant essence of Lisha in his sketches. Nneka, a spirited and vivacious girl with a captivating smile, wandered through the same streets, her heart overflowing with a love for literature and a thirst for adventure.

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Their paths crossed one sunny afternoon in a crowded marketplace. Kola’s eyes were drawn to Nneka as if an invisible force magnetically pulled him towards her. A gentle breeze carried the scent of blooming flowers, intertwining with the melody of laughter and chatter that enveloped them. Their gazes locked, and in that instant, the world around them faded into insignificance.

Kola found his voice first, a mixture of excitement and curiosity. “Hello,” he said, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

Nneka returned his smile, her eyes sparkling with intrigue. “Hi,” she replied, her voice melodic. “You seem to have an artist’s soul. What brings you to this lively corner of Lisha?”

Kola chuckled, his sketchbook held tightly against his chest. “I find inspiration in the vibrancy of the city. I capture its spirit through my art.”

Nneka’s curiosity ignited. “Would you mind showing me some of your sketches? I’d love to see how you interpret Lisha.”

Love Blossoms

Days turned into weeks, and Kola and Nneka explored the city together, hand in hand, venturing into hidden corners and uncharted territories. They discovered secluded cafés that housed whispered conversations and secret smiles. They danced beneath the moonlight on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, their laughter mingling with the crashing waves.

As their connection deepened, Kola and Nneka found solace in sharing their hopes, dreams, and fears.

Nneka, her eyes filled with wonder, asked Kola one evening, “Do you ever get scared that your art won’t be enough?”

Kola gazed at her, his expression tender. “Sometimes, the weight of expectations can be overwhelming. But when I’m with you, Nneka, I feel an unyielding sense of inspiration. Your presence fuels my creativity and reminds me to embrace the beauty in the world.”

Nneka’s heart swelled with affection. “And your art, Kola, it ignites a fire within me. It speaks to my soul and allows me to see the world through your eyes.”

A Heartbreaking Revelation

But just as the sun casts its shadows, a dark cloud loomed over their idyllic world. Nneka, burdened by a secret she could no longer bear alone, mustered the courage to share her devastating news with Kola. Tears cascaded down her cheeks as she confessed the cruel truth—a terminal illness threatened to steal her away, robbing them of their future together.

Kola’s eyes widened in disbelief, his heart shattering with each word Nneka spoke. “No,” he whispered, his voice trembling. “This can’t be happening.”

Nneka reached for his hand, holding it tightly. “I know it’s hard to accept, Kola, but I couldn’t keep this from you. I wanted us to cherish the time we have left, to create memories that will transcend time itself.”

Kola’s voice cracked with emotion. “I love you, Nneka. I don’t know how to face a future without you.”

Nneka leaned in, pressing her forehead against his

chest, their breaths mingling in a bittersweet embrace. “Our love is stronger than any obstacle, Kola. We may not have forever, but we have this moment, this precious time. Let’s make every second count.”

And so, Kola and Nneka embarked on a journey that would redefine the boundaries of love. They painted their days with vibrant hues, embracing the present with a newfound urgency. Together, they laughed and danced under the moonlight, their souls intertwining like the brushstrokes on Kola’s canvas.

In the quiet moments, as they sought solace within each other’s arms, they bared their hearts and shared their deepest fears. Kola whispered words of love, tracing invisible promises across Nneka’s skin. And Nneka, with a strength that defied her condition, nurtured Kola’s spirit, encouraging him to pursue his artistic dreams even when darkness threatened to overshadow their world.

Love’s Bittersweet Embrace

As the seasons changed, Nneka’s condition deteriorated, her strength waning like a flickering flame. Yet, in the face of adversity, their love stood unwavering. Kola became Nneka’s rock, her source of comfort and unwavering support. He read her favorite books aloud, filling the room with the magic of words. They danced slowly, their bodies swaying to melodies that only they could hear.

One evening, as they sat beneath a starlit sky, Nneka’s voice trembled with both vulnerability and gratitude. “Kola, you’ve given me more love and happiness than I ever thought possible. Though our time together is short, I am eternally grateful for the love we’ve shared.”

Tears glistened in Kola’s eyes as he caressed her cheek. “You’ve taught me what it truly means to live and love, Nneka. You’ve shown me that even in the face of pain, beauty can emerge. You are my guiding light, my muse.”

Their love became a sanctuary, shielding them from the cruel reality that awaited them. They found solace in the tender moments, the stolen kisses, and the gentle whispers that echoed in their hearts. Their connection transcended the boundaries of time and space, a love that would endure long after Nneka’s physical presence was gone.

Love’s Eternal Legacy

When the final grain of sand slipped through the hourglass, Nneka’s spirit ascended beyond the confines of her fragile body. The weight of grief threatened to consume Kola, but in the depths of his sorrow, he found a flicker of solace. Their love had transcended the boundaries of time, etching itself into the fabric of his being.

Kola dedicated his life to preserving their love, channeling his grief into his art. His paintings, imbued with the essence of Nneka’s spirit, touched the hearts of all who beheld them. Through his artwork, he shared their story—a tale of love that had defied the constraints of mortality.

In every brushstroke and every stroke of his pen, Kola immortalized their love. His art became a testament to the enduring power of love, a beacon of hope for those who had experienced the depths of loss and the heights of transcendent connection.

And as the people of Lisha gazed upon his masterpieces, they felt the warmth of Kola and Nneka’s love radiating from the canvases, reminding them that true love could never truly be lost. It lived on, imprinted on the hearts of those who had witnessed its transformative power.

Their story became a whispered legend in the streets of Lisha—a love that had defied time itself, leaving an indelible mark on the souls of all who heard it. Kola’s art exhibitions became gatherings of love and remembrance, where visitors would stand before his paintings, their eyes filled with tears and their hearts filled with a profound sense of awe.

But Kola’s mission extended beyond the confines of his art. Inspired by Nneka’s courage and the fleeting nature of life, he dedicated himself to raising awareness and support for individuals battling terminal illnesses. He became an advocate, using his talent and voice to bring attention to the importance of cherishing every moment and supporting those in need.

Through his advocacy work, Kola touched countless lives, becoming a symbol of resilience and love. His story of devotion to Nneka became a source of inspiration, encouraging others to appreciate the beauty in life’s simplest moments and to embrace love with unwavering passion.

Years passed, and Kola’s artwork adorned gallery walls around the world. He found solace in the knowledge that Nneka’s legacy lived on through his creations. Her spirit, intertwined with his art, continued to touch lives, serving as a reminder that love transcends the boundaries of time and mortality.

In the heart of Lisha, a statue was erected in honor of Kola and Nneka, their figures forever entwined in a tender embrace. It became a symbol of enduring love, a testament to their remarkable journey. Locals and visitors alike would gather around the statue, sharing stories of love, loss, and the power of cherishing each passing moment.

As the years rolled by, the tale of Kola and Nneka became a cherished legend—a love story whispered among lovers, and passed down through generations. Their names became synonymous with an unwavering devotion that defied all odds.

And in the hearts of those who truly understood, their love burned bright, a flame that would never be extinguished. Kola and Nneka had shown the world that even in the face of mortality, love has the power to transcend time, leaving an eternal legacy of hope, inspiration, and the boundless capacity of the human heart.

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Novel Title: “SHATTERED DESTINY” (Part 1)

@deepest truth writes






SISTER BOLA: (major cast) Brother Jowo’s girlfriend)

BROTHER TOPE: (Sister Joke’s boyfriend)

PASTOR JOSHUA: (sister Joke’s pastor)

BROTHER JUDE: (Sister Joke’s junior brother)

BROTHER OPE:  (Bro Femi’s best friend)

MRS ANJOLARIN: (Sister Joke and Brother Femi’s Mother)


[It’s evening time in an uncompleted building. A lady is at a corner in one of the rooms in the uncompleted building. She is displaying madness, eating sand and muttering some irrelevant words, not long after, two young brothers come into the room where she is]

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BROTHER OPE & JUDE : [enters the building]

BROTHER JUDE  :  [He steps forward and waves one of his hands to the lady and uses the other to lean on his knee then calls her name] Sister Bola, Sister Bola it’s me your junior brother Jude.

SISTER BOLA: [displaying madness]

BROTHER OPE: Brother Jude, she cannot recognize us like that. Let’s first pray for her as the Holy Spirit instructed us to do when we were praying yesterday. 

BROTHER JUDE:  [Nods in agreement] Alright brother

BROTHER OPE & JUDE : [They hold each other by the hand and pray for Sister Bola]…… In Jesus’ Name have we prayed AMEN!

BROTHER JUDE : [He calls Sister Bola again to know if she can recognize them after the prayer] Sister Bola! Can you recognize us now?

SISTER BOLA :  [she becomes conscious and responds to her brother] Jude! Aaaah! Jude [burst into tears while brother Jude pats and consoles her] 

BROTHER OPE: Hello sister Bola, how are you doing? 

SISTER BOA:  I’m fine but please who are you, sir?

BROTHER JUDE: Sister Bola, this is Brother Ope we came here together the other time we visited you.

SISTER BOLA: oh! Now I remember. [she said and start shedding tears] Jude, look at me, what have I done to deserve all this? Look at the state I am in, when will I be free from this mess? I am fed up. 

BROTHER OPE: Sister Bola I think you are the one still holding yourself from getting freedom from this shameful sickness. The last time we came here we told you God told us you have a secret you are keeping, but you denied it. Here we are again, while praying for you yesterday, God told us the same thing that he has been telling us. He said you are keeping a secret from everyone and this is the major reason why you are sick. He had instructed us to come here again and unless you expose this secret you have been hiding from everyone, you cannot be free from this sickness.

BROTHER JUDE: Sister Bola what Brother Ope said is true, please what is this secret you are keeping all about? tell us so you can be free, let the cat out of the bag, and let the devil be ashamed, your deliverance matters most not any secret. If you didn’t tell us what this secret is, you will not be free, please what is this secret.? [He pleaded with her sister as he shed tears holding her sister’s hand]

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SISTER BOLA : [Crying profusely as she listens to what both brothers had said] Juuude, I should tell you what this secret is. Aaah! How do I say this? Where do I start? I am confused aah [Still crying uncontrollably] 

BROTHER JUDE: Sister, please tell us this, start from anywhere, we don’t care how big or what this secret is, all we need is to know it and find a way to get freedom from you from the bondage the devil has placed you in. [She implores her sis]

BROTHER OPE: Yes Sister Bola, we don’t care what the secret is about, just tell us, this is attached to your freedom please tell us so we can know what next, please speak up before it gets too late. 

SISTER BOLA: Brother Ope, Jude, I will speak up. I will talk [beating herself as she speaks with sadness]  truthfully speaking,  nobody knows about this secret I kept but not from God,  ah! I am ready to tell you all what the secret is about, I am ready since you said it’s God that told you that there is a secret I am keeping, definitely what you heard is right and this is the reason I will tell you, I was never ready to say it out but now I will because I want to be free, I want to be free.


BROTHER OPE :  [Waves his hands to God] Thank you, Jesus, Thank you, Jesus! 

 SISTER BOLA: Jude, Brother Ope this secret is only between, Me, God, and Tope. 

BROTHER JUDE & OPE:  Who is Tope? [They echoed]

SISTER BOLA: Hmmmn! [she sighs] Tope is………………………


[Like, comment, and follow up for the next scene]

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